Sun Coast Bariatrics is committed to providing quality health care to all of our patients. To that note, we have added the convenience of onsite fluoroscopy to make appointments faster, easier, and safer for all of our bariatric patients. To ensure the highest quality of care, fluoroscopy will be used to evaluate gastric problems immediately and evaluate restriction.

Fluoroscopy uses a low-dose C-ray beam to produce images of organs. During this procedure, our doctors usually use a contrast material also known as a dye, to highlight the areas of the body being examined. When contrast is given orally, doctors and patients can visualize the flow of dye from the mouth to the esophagus, into the stomach and small intestine.

Following surgery, our doctors can utilize fluoroscopy to diagnose any problems such as a gastric leak and inadequate restriction. Follow-up visits may be performed under fluoroscopy to verify restriction, diagnose esophageal dilation, and evaluate gastric dilation. With onsite fluoroscopy, our patients will be evaluated and know their diagnosis to any gastric concerns before they leave the office.