A number of studies have confirmed the relationship between overweight/obesity and results post organ transplants. These studies found that higher BMI’s are independently associated with delayed graft function, inferior graft and patient survival, and increased rates of acute rejection and new onset of diabetes. In addition, many patients gain significant amounts of weight after their transplants and can develop serious medical conditions as a direct relation to this weight gain. Due to this, morbid obesity is often a reason for a team to decide that you are not a candidate for a much needed transplant.

Some overweight patients are able to lose weight through diet and exercise in order to qualify for a transplant. Other patients are not able to do this and weight loss surgery needs to be considered.

It may feel like you’ve run out of options, but you have not. Sometimes it takes the help of a comprehensive weight management team to get you in control of your weight and health. Please call us at (727) 289-7137 to learn more and to set up a consultation.