At Sun Coast Bariatrics, we are committed to using modern weight loss surgery techniques referred to as minimally invasive surgery. These type of surgeries result in less trauma to the body when compared to traditional open surgery. Generally speaking, minimally invasive surgery is associated with less pain, shorter hospitalization, quicker recovery time and the potential for less risk of complications.

When you talk about minimally invasive bariatric surgery there are primarily two modalities which we will discuss below.

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery involves several small incisions, about the width of a thumb, in the abdomen through which a small scope connected to a video camera is inserted as well as surgical instruments. The laparoscope transmits images from inside the abdominal cavity to high-resolution video monitors in the operating room.

A common complaint after laparoscopic surgery of any type is some mild shoulder pain. Some of the gas we use to inflate your belly can remain inside which can irritate your diaphragm (The muscle you use to breathe, which in turn can irritate nerve endings in your shoulder). This symptom is nothing to worry about and should pass after a day or so, once your body absorbs the remaining gas.

Robotic surgery

Another minimally invasive option may be robotic-assisted bariatric surgery with the da Vinci XI Surgical System. This allows your bariatric surgeon to complete your weight loss surgery using small incisions similar to Laparoscopic surgery. This system gives your surgeon a detailed, highly magnified, 3-dimensional view of your stomach and surrounding organs. Your surgeon performs surgery with da Vinci by using instruments that he or she guide while seated at a console. The robot arms move in response to the movements made by the surgeon.

The da Vinci system helps to enhance the dexterity of your surgeon’s hands. The tiny wristed instruments move like a human hand, but with a greater range of motion enhancing the ability to make extremely detailed movements without opening up the abdomen.

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