Here at Sun Coast Bariatrics, we're committed to using modern weight loss surgery techniques designed to minimize your recovery time and reduce scarring. These innovative techniques eliminate the need for large incisions and reduce the risk of significant blood loss, helping you look and feel better following your procedure.

Dr. Jessee is a world-leader in minimally-invasive weight loss surgery using both robotics and laparoscopic instruments. She performs bariatric procedures on patients who are overweight or obese using both the DaVinci® and SPIDER robotic-assisted surgical systems.

Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Techniques

Also known as minimally-invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery is different from traditional surgery because there are no large incisions made on the patient. Just like with a conventional operation, you will be given a general anesthetic during the procedure to keep you pain-free and unconscious throughout your surgery.

During a laparoscopic bariatric procedure, tiny incisions measuring less than 1" long are made in the skin. Your abdomen will be temporally expanded using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas to allow your medical team better access to your stomach - this gas will be released before you are taken out of the operating room.

Your bariatric surgeon then inserts tiny tubes (also called 'ports') through these incisions, and a specialized camera is inserted. A highly detailed image is projected onto monitors in the operating room from the camera inside your abdomen, giving Dr. Jessee a clear view of the surgical site and the surrounding organs.

Dr. Jessee guides flexible surgical instruments through the ports, completing your procedure while watching the images on the monitor. Once the procedure is finished, all the instruments. the camera and the ports are removed, and the incisions are closed using a few small stitches.

DaVinci® Minimally-Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

The DaVinci® robotic surgical system allows your bariatric surgeon to complete your weight loss procedure using smaller incisions in comparison to traditional, open surgical techniques.

This revolutionary FDA-approved system gives your surgeon a detailed, 3-dimensional view of your stomach and your surrounding organs. During your operation, Dr. Jessee controls precision surgical instruments using specialized robotic equipment connected to a camera placed inside your abdomen.

The DaVinci® robot gives Dr. Jessee the ability to make extremely detailed movements without actually opening up your entire abdomen, which in turn can lower your risk of post-surgical complications, minimize your pain, and help you reduce your recovery time.

It's important to note that while the DaVinci robotic system can help enhance the dexterity of a surgeon, the entire procedure is completely controlled by your bariatric surgeon - the robot moves in response to the movements made by Dr. Jessee.

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