Revisional bariatric surgery

With revisional bariatric surgery and/or procedures, our team modifies or repairs an earlier operation. Individuals whose previous weight loss surgery yielded undesirable or disappointing results are possible candidates for revisional surgery and/or procedures. This may include removal of band and conversion to sleeve gastrectomy, re-due sleeve or our newest endoscopic approach for gastric bypass patients called the Overstitch.

Weight gain after gastric bypass surgery

Have you started to regain weight after initial success from gastric bypass? For some gastric bypass patients, over time, the small stomach pouch and the outlet that connects it to the small intestine can stretch out. As a result, patients begin to eat more food before they feel full. We offer a safe and effective endoscopic procedure to repair your enlarged pouch and outlet and return them to their original post-gastric bypass proportions.

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 Endoscopic Outlet and Pouch Repairs

Endoscopic devices allow physicians to place sutures around the enlarged outlet

The outlet is reduced to about 10 mm in diameter

Sutures may also be added to reduce capacity and volume of the stomach pouch

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