Weight loss surgery is a big decision, and all weight loss procedures are unique. If you are seeking a flexible, effective alternative to the permanence of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, a Realize® band surgery may be the perfect solution.

Utilizing an adjustable gastric band that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, the Realize® procedure can facilitate steady weight loss with minor risks and simple opportunities for adjustment. With help from Sun Coast Bariatrics, losing weight is now easier than ever before!

What is the Realize® Band?

The Realize® adjustable gastric band is a minimally invasive bariatric procedure that limits the size of the stomach using a thin, inflatable silicone band. This band is inflated using a saline solution inserted through a port placed in the stomach wall. When in place, the Realize® band creates a pouch from the top portion of the stomach and a small opening through which food can pass slowly. This effectively reduces appetite and limits the amount of food that can be consumed, facilitating weight loss.

Instead of rerouting the intestines like in a gastric bypass or removing part of the stomach as in a sleeve gastrectomy, the Realize® band maintains the structure of the digestive tract. The Realize® band has a faster recovery as well as fewer post-surgical side effects, lowering the risk of mineral deficiency or dumping syndrome. Patients with a Realize band will not be able to consume as much food as before, but will have fewer strict dietary changes like those required with other bariatric procedures.

Why Realize®?

As the first gastric band released to the global market, Realize® has 20 years of success in weight loss. Utilizing high volume, low pressure balloons, Realize® minimizes the risk of complications and damage to surrounding tissue while maximizing weight loss capabilities. The soft, flexible balloon interior provides 360-degree coverage for superior comfort and minimal risk of dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. Additionally, Realize® is the thickest band on the market, reducing the chances of slippage and the subsequent need for band replacement.

The Realize® band boasts one of the smallest profiles on the market, Realize® ports are significantly less visible under the skin as compared to other adjustable gastric bands. Adjustments are simple as well, with a 59% larger septum and 46% greater tubing protection than competing ports.

Benefits of Realize®

As one of the most popular weight loss procedures available, Realize® band surgery has several other benefits, including:

  • A minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure that lessens healing time and recovery
  • A comfortable band with the ability to make simple revisions or remove if needed
  • An average weight loss of approximately 40% of excess weight in the first year after surgery
  • An average BMI reduction from 44 to 36 in the first year following surgery
  • High patient satisfaction

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With Realize band surgery, a bariatric procedure is in reach for thousands of patients across greater St. Petersburg. If you would like to see for yourself what an adjustable gastric band has to offer, Sun Coast Bariatrics is happy to help. Contact us today to attend a free weight loss seminar!