Non-surgical medically supervised weight loss program

Although we offer bariatric surgery options like lap band, gastric bypass, gastric balloon and gastric sleeve surgery, we know that weight loss surgery is not for everyone. Whether you need to lose weight in preparation for surgery or you want to lose the weight without surgery, Sun Coast Bariatrics has a great medically supervised weight loss program for you!

Developing a balance of healthy eating, attitude and exercise is the key to successful weight loss. Our non-surgical weight management program combines individualized nutrition with behavior and fitness assessment plans to help each patient achieve their weight loss goal with diets that work.

Our non-surgical, medically supervised weight loss program consists of 12 different lesson plans; patients are welcome to complete the entire program or come in as needed. Whether you need to lose weight in preparation for surgery, get back on track post-surgery or you want to lose the weight without surgery, our team is here for you.

At the initial visit you will have a consultation with a physician, review of your medical and surgical history, assessment of weight / BMI / BP / % body fat composition, and meet with our dietitian. You will receive a nutrition and exercise plan, medication modifications if necessary and prescription of anti-obesity medications such as appetite suppressants and / or the newer FDA approved medications.

Prior to receiving any prescriptions for appetite suppressants, you will need to have current lab work and EKG completed. In some cases, a clearance letter from your primary care physician may be required.

Follow-up is typically at the 1 week mark, 3 week mark, then monthly thereafter, modified on a case by case basis. These visits allow you to meet with a member of the medical team at every visit, review the nutrition and exercise plan, and complete an assessment of weight and BMI, percentage of body fat composition and water weight.

With the passing of Medical Nutrition Therapy legislation and Medicare reimbursement, we have the opportunity to be better serve the public and our patients by offering this service. The following diseases usually are covered under Medicare part B:

  • Diabetic nutrition counseling
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Post kidney transplant
  • Without these diagnosis and coverage, all associated fees are the responsibility of the patient at the time of service.

To schedule an appointment to begin your medically supervised weight loss program, give us a call at (727) 289-7137 or visit our contact us page.