When you are seeking a fast, easy, and effective way to lose weight and keep it off, gastric band surgery is among the most recommended options available. Rather than permanently changing the stomach, this unique procedure utilizes an adjustable gastric band to customize the weight loss process, helping patients to succeed immediately after surgery and for years to come.

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What is gastric band surgery?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, better known as gastric band surgery, is an extremely popular procedure that utilizes a band to restrict the size of the stomach.

Some bariatric procedures involve a surgical adjustment to the digestive tract, the gastric band process, however, places a thin inflatable silicone belt around the top portion of the stomach. After placement, a saline solution can be injected into the band via a port placed in the abdominal wall, offering an easy option for adjustment and modification. Surgeries are generally performed laparoscopically using thin incisions in the stomach that boast a faster and less painful recovery process.

Why gastric band?

With nearly 25 years of use, 20 years of research, over 1,400 clinical studies, and over 600,000 patients worldwide, the Gastric Band offers many benefits for those seeking an efficient approach to weight loss. As the only FDA-approved product for patients with a BMI under 30, this procedure provides simplicity and flexibility for qualifying individuals.

Furthermore, the majority of patients are extremely satisfied with their results. In fact, a 5-year APEX study of 500 patients showed an average of 53.3% of excess weight lost by the second year and a patient satisfaction rate of 94%.

The benefits of gastric band surgery

For patients seeking a simple way to lose weight, gastric band procedures have a lot to offer, both independently and in comparison to the available alternatives.

Patients who choose this surgical option can enjoy advantages like:

  • A laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedure to minimize healing time
  • No adjustment to the digestive tract, allowing for easier reversal or revision if necessary
  • Gradual weight loss, reducing the risk of complications like gallstones
  • No risk of dumping, or sickness that comes from eating too much or consuming inappropriate foods
  • Reduced risk of nutritional deficiencies as the digestive process is not interrupted
  • Three port choices to simplify adjustments
  • Average results of 60% to 68% of excess weight in two to three years
  • Easy care when out of town, as most surgeons are trained on gastric band surgery

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