Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Jessee utilizes the latest in laparoscopic surgical equipment, including the da Vinci and spider robotic assisted surgery systems.
Laparoscopic bariatric surgery is also known as minimally invasive surgery. During the surgical procedure, small incisions (0.5-1 inch) are made in the skin. Next, plastic tubes also known as ports are placed through these incisions. These ports allow the surgeon to pass the camera and small instruments through and give access to the inside of the patient.

The image from the camera is transferred to a television monitor. The surgeon uses this image to perform the surgery.

Benefits to laparoscopic bariatric surgery:
Smaller Scars
Less pain
Quicker Recovery Time
Shorter hospital stays
Earlier return to work and full activities
Less internal scarring compared to standard open surgery
Reduced bleeding
Reduced risk of infection (less exposure of internal organs to possible external
Both the gastric band (lap band surgery) and sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve surgery) can be performed with laparoscopy.


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