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Gastric Balloon Procedure

Sun Coast Bariatrics is now offering the OrberaTM Managed Weight Loss System.

The Orbera® gastric balloon is designed to give you the sensation of fullness while allowing just the right portion of food to be comfortably eaten. In conjunction with a habit changing action plan personalized just for you, gastric balloon procedure provides a kick-start to your new healthy body while providing sustained weight loss.

Your weight loss journey begins with a consultation with one of our healthcare providers to discuss if the gastric balloon is right for you. After your consultation we will set up your outpatient procedure where you will be placed in a twilight sleep for the insertion of the balloon through endoscopy. After the balloon is inserted we will fill the silicone balloon with a saline solution to a size that’s right for you.

 You will follow up with our office after placement of the balloon for 6 months of monitored visits to assure that you are losing weight. You will meet with our registered dietitian to create a plan to maintain your weight loss after removal of your balloon. Your balloon will need to be removed or removed and replaced with a new balloon six months after the initial balloon is placed. After we remove your balloon, you will continue to visit us for weight and nutrition checks for 6 additional months. We know you will achieve the body of your dreams with this amazing new gastric balloon procedure along with the assistance of our talented team.

See below for more information about the Orbera® system:

  1. The Orbera® balloon is inserted non-surgically through the mouth.
  2. The Orbera® balloon is put in place within the stomach.
  3. The Orbera® balloon is filled with a saline solution.
  4. The Orbera® balloon is left in the stomach until time of removal.


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The gastric balloon procedure is for non-weight loss surgery patients.  

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