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Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Struggling to lose weight can be extremely stressful. If you're doing everything right, from eating small, healthy portions to exercising daily, and you're still unable to lose the weight, you may feel ready to give up entirely.

Instead of surrendering to a weight that makes you uncomfortable, it may be time to attend a Sun Coast Bariatric Surgery seminar and find out if weight loss surgery is a good fit for you. At our seminars, you will learn all about what weight loss surgery entails, and how our program is designed for success before, during and after surgery. 

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In order to gain access to our free bariatric surgery seminar, fill out the form below. Once the seminar starts, you must watch it in its entirety; the video player does not allow viewers to resume viewing the presentation at a later time. The seminar can be watched as many times as you would like. For best results, please disable your pop-up blocker prior to viewing the seminar.

Weight Loss Education

Weight loss surgery isn't an impromptu decision. In general, surgery can only be scheduled after counseling, a commitment to good habits, and a healthy mindset in line with lifelong regimen changes. For many people, the first step in this process is education, including attending a bariatric surgery seminar. Surgery isn't a one size fits all solution, and it's important for patients to learn as much as possible before scheduling a consultation for bariatric procedure.

Compassionate Support from Sun Coast

To provide safe, effective services to all of our patients, the Sun Coast Bariatrics team has developed a full suite of educational material to help you consider your options, evaluate risks and benefits, and make a researched decision about bariatric surgery.

Our video seminar is designed to serve as an introduction to what bariatric surgery can offer, helping you to explore the steps in the process, including how surgery is performed and what recovery entails. Our team takes surgery very seriously, and we believe guidance throughout the process is essential to what we are trying to accomplish.

If you aren't sure bariatric surgery is right for you or are interested in learning more about what a successful surgery can offer, our free seminar is a perfect introduction to losing weight and staying healthy, both today and in the future.

Considering surgery can be very overwhelming to most people, but with the right education and preparation, it's possible to approach weight loss with confidence and a dedication to change. When you're ready to begin the process, watch our free bariatric surgery seminar or contact us at 727-289-7137 to schedule a consultation.