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Surgery Seminars

Weight Loss Seminar

Weight loss surgery is a big commitment, and taking those first few steps can be overwhelming. For first time patients who are new to bariatric procedures, evaluating the available surgeries, determining eligibility, and proceeding with pre-surgical preparations is a new world.

In an effort to ensure each and every patient is as educated as possible, weight loss seminars are a critical part of our process. At Sun Coast Bariatrics, we are committed to providing comprehensive information to facilitate positive, health-conscious decisions.

Attend a Weight Loss Seminar

At Sun Coast Bariatrics, we want all of our patients to feel comfortable with the road ahead. That's why we provide guidance for anyone considering bariatric surgery, making it easy to learn more about what we have to offer. If you are contemplating bariatric surgery, our seminars provide a broad introduction to everything you need to know.

Online and In-Person Seminars

From the demands of school or work or other areas of life, we realize making time to attend an in-person seminar can be challenging.

In order to accommodate as many patients as possible, we offer both in-person and online weight loss seminars.

In-Person Registration

In-person seminars are held in various locations around our facility and are led by members of our bariatric surgical staff. These meetings occur several times a month to best accommodate our patients' schedules and generally last one to one and a half hours.

In general, our in-person bariatric seminars are designed to provide an overview of bariatric surgery and treatment at Sun Coast Bariatrics. At our seminar, you will have the opportunity to hear our surgeons provide information on morbid obesity, the health risks you may be facing, and the surgical options used to treat this disease. In addition, you will have opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the seminar. You are encouraged to bring a support person with you to the seminar to assist in the process.

For exact dates and locations of upcoming seminars and to register for our in-person seminars, please check our seminar calendar.

Online Registration

For patients unable to join us at an in-person seminar, all seminar material is available in an online format. Seminars can be watched at your convenience and may be started and stopped as necessary. You will need Flash Player to watch all seminar videos, which can be obtained here.

At the conclusion of your online seminar, you will be asked to take a 10-question quiz to ensure a thorough understanding of all material.

Join Us Today!

A weight loss seminar is the first step on the road to bariatric surgery at Sun Coast Bariatrics. Offering a thorough overview of our practice, our procedures, and our process, our online and in-person sessions are a wonderful orientation for anyone considering losing weight with surgery. Register today to get started on your weight loss journey, or contact us for additional information. See you soon!