Is Weight Loss Surgery
and option for me?

Is Weight Loss Surgery an Option for Me?

Do you know all of your surgical weight loss options? Today, there are numerous ways to lose weight through bariatric surgeries and non-surgical treatments. For help determining the right procedure for your individual needs, talk to our doctors. Learn about all of your options through a consultation. By understanding just how many opportunities you have, you can make the decision that you are most comfortable with.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are several surgical weight loss options. Each one is slightly different and provides varied outcomes for the patient. Surgical treatments include the following:

Lap Band

The Lap-Band procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an inflatable and adjustable band is placed around a portion of the stomach. Once in place, your doctor can adjust the size of the band to encourage faster or slower weight loss by limiting the amount of food a person can eat. It is reversible but does require ongoing support and care through regular appointments with your doctor.

Realize Band

This procedure is a more comfortable band that allows for high volume and low pressure. It does not strain or stretch and fits the stomach better. It is inserted into the stomach and takes up space there to limit the amount of food a person can consume. It is easily accessible by the doctor through a small, exterior port.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric sleeve is another type of weight loss surgery. This one involves placing a band around a portion of the stomach to significantly reduce the size. This reduces the amount of food a person can consume. Additionally, it provides a port that doctors will access from outside the body, allowing for adjustments based on the patient's needs.

Gastric Balloon

A newer bariatric surgery option, this is one of the least invasive options available. Here, a balloon is inserted into the stomach. It works to take up space in the stomach to limit the amount of food a person can consume. What makes it so unique, depending on the type selected, is that it can be inserted in a non-surgical method through the mouth. It is inserted using an endoscope, put into place in the stomach, filled with saline, and maintained until weight loss outcomes are achieved.

Which Bariatric Surgery Option Is Your Best Choice?

When you discuss bariatric surgery procedures with your doctor, you'll have a better idea of what all of your options are based on your health, risk factors, and overall desired outcome. Each method is slightly different, but all offer rapid weight loss by limiting the amount of food a person consumes, the amount of calories digested, and the inclusion of support and exercise. Come in to see our doctors at Sun Coast Bariatrics to learn more about the surgical weight loss options that are right for your individual needs. Call us at 727-289-7137 to learn more.

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